Wiz Khalifa says that he is not married yet

Wiz Khalifa says that he is not married yet

Wiz Khalifa, the well known rapper, has suggested that he has not tied the knot with his fiancée Amber Rose. Earlier there were reports that he had exchanged vows with Amber who is now pregnant.

On Tuesday in Los Angeles, Amber referred Wiz Khalifa as her ‘husband’ sparking speculations that she had tied the knot with the Black and Yellow singer during the festive season. After the cameraman handed Rose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ice cream bar, Amber told that her husband just loves Ninja Turtles. She also thanked her for that ‘cute’ ice cream.

But now, Wiz Khalifa has cleared has all the claims. While speaking to a leading celeb gossip website, he told that he and Amber always called each other husband and wife since the first day and they have always been like husband and wife.

In the past, the hip hop singer stated that he and Amber want 2 ceremonies – one would have been a low key one; and another one would be to have a huge bash with close friends and family members.

On December 2013, he told Angie Martinez that he and Amber would do their license marriage in just few weeks. He told that he could invite his friends and family members when there is a big ceremony. Amber is due to give birth to her and Wiz’s first child on 24th February.