Music Review - Michael Jackson with Akon - Hold My Hand

Music Review - Michael Jackson with Akon - Hold My Hand

After last week’s breathless dance track, Breaking News, a second new Michael Jackson song has been unveiled at today. After the Take That Concert Tickets news, this is the hottest piece of Music gossip around.

This one, Hold my Hand, is a swaying ballad that on November 28 will become his first official single since he died last year.

Not strictly new, Hold my Hand was recorded with Senegalese smoothie Akon in 2007 and leaked to the web in unfinished form two years ago. Accordingly it doesn’t sound as current as it might, though Akon is still on hand with the robotic Auto-Tuned singing that remains the height of R&B fashion.

Jacko is in sweet voice, managing a few more powerful “yeah”s as the gospel choir swoops in at the close. The lyrics and sentiment are predictable – “Together we can be all right”, “Baby I promise that I’ll do all I can” and so on. But the simple, looping piano notes and repetition of the title give the tune a great deal of stickiness. The world will be humming it for the rest of the day and Sony can be confident that their departed cash cow can surpass Take That and Susan Boyle in the Christmas album stakes.

The album, Michael, now has an official release date of December 13. Its 10 tracks have been named, including two more duets – (I Can’t Make It) Another Day with Lenny Kravitz and Monster with 50 Cent.

It looks like this is the first flurry of years of new releases. There is talk of up to 10 new albums in the coming years, and why wouldn’t there be? Jackson is already the highest earning dead celebrity of the moment and this is a barrel that will be scraped until it splinters. We’ll be bored of the process one day, but right now, this feels like another major event from a musician who keeps on giving.