Nearly a full year after his last solo work, rapper Wiz Khalifa almost ready to throw his fans yet another smoke-filled body of work. On 13th March, the Taylor Gang general will be casting off his mixtape Taylor Allderdice hosting a hearing session for the last night for the release in the New York City.

The session, held at Manhattan’s Jungle City Studios was MCed by Wiz Khalifa who invited guests to join him in smoking and drinking as he geared up to press play. He said you can ride to this, smoke to this, get trippy to this….. But you can clean to this, cook to this, iron to this.

He did not block off to enclose any or name many of his tracks; the rapper did highlight “Never Been Pt. 2,” that builds off the original edition from 2010’s Kush & OJ mixtape, and lets in a chorus from Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa’s girlfriend.

Both “California,” and “Mary x3? that had lately been released and it also made the cut. On the tape, featured guests include Taylor Gang members Juicy J and Chevy Woods, both of whom were present, and Smoke DZA.

Even though Mac Miller did not feature on the tape, yet he was also on hand to back up his fellow Rostrum Records rapper. And on the production part, both Sledgren and Cardo, both of whom were also in that building, and treated a bulk of production on Kush & OJ, once again lent their touch to a great deal on the project. Beats from Harry Fraud, Space Ghost Purp and Lex Luger also honked through the speakers.

The tape is Wiz Khalifa’s first ever solo release since his Atlantic Records debut called Rolling Papers that came out on 29th March last year. He joined Snoop Dogg for the track to the forthcoming Devin Go To High School and Mac in December.