Jessie J reveals her wild curls on her Instagram page

Jessie J reveals her wild curls on her Instagram page

Well, she is never the kind of person to shy away from various hairstyles.

But singer Jessie J just could not serve but giggle at her unruly curls in a series of videos and snaps uploaded on her Instagram page during the weekend.

The British singer recorded herself getting her braids undone and clearly found the results highly amusing judging by her reaction in the clips. In the very first video, she could be listened as saying: ‘Just getting my hair done. I’m 27 now and I’ve got to do these mum hairstyles.

‘What is the front doing though? Why does it want to be a firework?’

After that the twenty seven year old shared a photo of her real hairstyle and in the caption she wrote: ‘Dinobraid chic’.

After that she uploaded a snap of her freed hair along with the caption: ‘Braids... The aftermath. @itsalishadobson lmao!’

The coach of The Voice Australia appeared seemed to be in better spirits than the week before that saw her taking on to her Twitter account for a ranting session. In general she is tight lipped. But she fumes at her fans after they flooded her boyfriend Luke James with pasty messages on Instagram. She accused her followers of creating drama and spreading lies.