Gig Review - Mystery Jets

Gig Review - Mystery Jets

DESPITE being around for nearly five years now, Mystery Jets have yet to throw in the towel; a commendable persistence since they’ve never really fulfilled the promise they showed all those years ago, at least not commercially.

At the Glee Club, supported by great new act Is Tropical, it was clear that the Jets weren’t interested in merely trading on old glories.

The pervasiveness of new material in the set from recent long player Serotonin was evidence of that. And why not? New songs like Flash A Hungry Smile and Hideaway gave their signature hits like You Can’t Fool Me Dennis a real run for their money, a feat not often achieved by indie bands on their fourth album.

And so confident are they in their new material, they don’t even feel the need to play those old singles at all.
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It’s these new songs that are the highlight of an enjoyable set.

Their way with melody and three-part harmonies injected proceedings with a breezy optimism. However, this sunny disposition, created by a pop sound made solely of primary colours, was like a beautifully gift-wrapped brick – it was the musical sugar to help the lyrical medicine go down.

Witness Alice Springs’ conclusion that love makes ‘freedom an illusion generated by your brain’.

It’s hardly The Carpenters, and it’s what makes Mystery Jets a great live band.