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Music Reviews

Wiz Khalifa delays wedding

Well known celebrity couple Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose has recently revealed that they have delayed their wedding date because of their expected baby. They actually want their unborn baby to attend the event. Amber is pregnant with their first child and it is rumored that she will be having a boy.

Wiz Khalifa expecting first child

English rapper Wiz Khalifa and his fiancée Amber Rose are expecting their first child. A reliable source told Radar Online that the pregnancy was surprising but the couple has started thinking to begin a family together and both of them are happy.

Best Rap Album So Far

Famous American rapper Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known as Wiz Khalifa is busy with his sophomore jinx. He is focusing on giving his fans the best hearing musical experience with his most awaiting album O.N.I.F.C (Only N ---a in First Class).

Khalifa recently said to a news channel that he just wants to make the best rap album with a bunch of lovely and sensible songs so that the music lovers can enjoy to the fullest. He told this to MTV while taking part in the Hip Hop Music Preview show.

Wiz Khalifa Talks

This year’s MTV Movie Awards is going to flatter you for sure. Wiz Khalifa, the American rapper and the Taylor gang captain is ready to perform at the Award show. He will be going to perform on his latest Work Hard, Play Hard. Not only his fans will get a chance to see his musical talent but will also get an opportunity to have a glance of his acting skills.


Nearly a full year after his last solo work, rapper Wiz Khalifa almost ready to throw his fans yet another smoke-filled body of work. On 13th March, the Taylor Gang general will be casting off his mixtape Taylor Allderdice hosting a hearing session for the last night for the release in the New York City.

The session, held at Manhattan’s Jungle City Studios was MCed by Wiz Khalifa who invited guests to join him in smoking and drinking as he geared up to press play. He said you can ride to this, smoke to this, get trippy to this….. But you can clean to this, cook to this, iron to this.


This is a review of the music concert recently held by Wiz Khalifa. I have not heard the album version of Rolling Papers just yet, but if it sounds anything close to the concert, no one will be let down.

Is it really all about who you know in Hollywood? Wiz might say so. He’s made connections with Snoop Dogg, Juicy J of Three Six Mafia, and Too Short through music sharing and singles. He proved Tuesday night that he is no stranger to hip-hop.


Bruckner last night hosted one of the memorable music concerts in the recent memory as he played Symphony number nine. Shen people who pursue relentless entertainment are surveyed about classical music concerts, they often complain that the atmosphere is too reverential –- no eating, no drinking, no talking, no texting, no coming and going, too much suppression of the audience’s ego for a greater good. Desperate for their business, presenters and symphony orchestras have lately been experimenting with “friendly” formats.

Music Review - Michael Jackson with Akon - Hold My Hand

After last week’s breathless dance track, Breaking News, a second new Michael Jackson song has been unveiled at today. After the Take That Concert Tickets news, this is the hottest piece of Music gossip around.

This one, Hold my Hand, is a swaying ballad that on November 28 will become his first official single since he died last year.

Music Review - Foetus

J.G. Thirlwell - aka Foetus, was a major player in the underground scene of the 1980s. Like Rihanna is now. In conjunction with others such as Lydia Lunch, Genesis P. Orridge, Coil, and The Hafler Trio, Foetus defined the bleeding edge of confrontational music during those “Family Values” days. While Robert Mapplethorpe and “Piss Christ” artist Andres Serrano had the Bush One-era NEA screaming for mercy, Foetus and his contemporaries seemed to provide the soundtrack.

Music Review - Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac caught a lot of criticism for their 1979 album Tusk, mostly because they had not produced another Rumours. They took the easy way out by releasing their first live album on December 8, 1980. They also went conservative as ten of the eighteen tracks had originally appeared on their Fleetwood Mac and Rumours albums and only three from Tusk

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