Bob Dylan hits Christchurch in private jet

Bob Dylan hits Christchurch in private jet

Bob Dylan, the US singer, has apparently reached Christchurch by private jet, before of his gig at the Horncastle Arena tonight. In his earlier visit to Christchurch, he took a disguise. He sported a Hoodie across his head, he walked across the city streets and popped into Scorpio Books to purchase.

Bob's disguise is very convincingly characterless that Dylan, now 73, was once detained as a vagrant by the New Jersey police. According to reports, a leading website has suggested that Scorpio Books' Dave Cameron recalls Bob Dylan as being personable.

He told that Bob autographed a bookmark for someone from the store. He does not know if he would come visit them in Riccarton.

Bob Dylan, the legendary US songwriter-singer has been on a never ending tour since the year 1988. In the year 1986, when he came to New Zealand, it was expected that it was his last tour bur he came back again in 1988. That time he decided to go on the road and tour all the time. Since then, he literally played in thousands of shows.

In general, 4 hotels are booked in every city Bob Dylan lands in. Because he prefers to check out the vibe of every place. If he does not like one he prefers to travel to another until he finds one that really fits him.