Best Rap Album So Far

Best Rap Album So Far

Famous American rapper Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known as Wiz Khalifa is busy with his sophomore jinx. He is focusing on giving his fans the best hearing musical experience with his most awaiting album O.N.I.F.C (Only N ---a in First Class).

Khalifa recently said to a news channel that he just wants to make the best rap album with a bunch of lovely and sensible songs so that the music lovers can enjoy to the fullest. He told this to MTV while taking part in the Hip Hop Music Preview show.

Khalifa is completely focused on his sophomore album and he also made it very clear that he is not at all worried about any kind of jinx. His main aim is to give his fans the best rap album and for that he is working 24x7.

For music lovers, his album will be a precious gift because there are bunches of lovely songs packed in the rapp album. This is the first time he is so serious with the making of any album. On his first album he said life’s bitch and now he is saying life’s good. This shows how he has experienced ups and downs in his career. Khalifa said that he wants the album to be successful and impactful at the same time. This is his first album as 2 Chainz and that is why he wants it to be classic.

The album is different than that of the previous one because in this one he has spoken about the harsh realities of street life adorned with glitz and glamour. Hopefully, music lovers will love the album.