Amber Rose parties with Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose parties with Wiz Khalifa

Now that their son Sebastian is four years old, Amber Rose is now hanging out with her lover Wiz Khalifa, the popular US rapper. This week, the couple went to the Supper Club as she was partying with rapper rapper Lil Kim. The twenty nine year old model tweeted: “I think I might go out tonight after Bash goes to sleep…Mommies need some fun time every now and then”

Even though Amber Rose has not lost all weight that she gained from her recent pregnancy. Certainly, she is not letting that hold her from revealing her new body, as she revealed her legs in a green colored patterned skirt.

Recently, Amber stated that she weighed two-hundred-and-two pounds during her pregnancy, but people were not not able to tell as her height is 5’7”. She is now working out for around one and half hour every day along with celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins to lose her extra weight. Already, she has lost thirty pounds but she also admitted that this is a real challenge.

While speaking to a leading entertainment website, it was really hard to get off baby weight. It was a different kind of weight because for 9 months you stretch your stomach out and then it was hard to get that back. She was working on that.

In the mean time, Wiz Khalifa is on the forthcoming issue of “Sister 2 Sister,” and he speaks whether he was concerned about Amber Rose gaining weight. He also talks about his son Sebastian.